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Nowadays, fraud on the phone is becoming more frequent, every day fraudsters come up with new ways by which they can deceive you! Do you have missed calls from an unknown phone number, or do you not know who called you? Our site will help you find out information about the phone number, you can also read real reviews from people who are published only after moderation. If you have information about the caller, please leave a comment, you can help many people to protect themselves from fraudsters!
We want to minimize the number of successful fraudulent calls by distributing information about the types of fraud and phone numbers from which they call. Come to our club, share information and together we will reduce the number of phone scams!

Recent comments:

+1888313136607/19/2021Robert Balsinger
Fraudulent email. Scaam to get $439, credit card info personal information.
Claiming from RBC credit card loss prevention and to press 1 if it was a purchase you made and 2 if it wasn’t. Puts you through to a fake call centre. Don’t give any details. Scam!
+1800752971307/13/2021Dinh Tran
I want to know who call me
+1800531309207/09/2021Ron Silver
T customer service number. It’s safe
+1800698772907/03/2021Enoch correa
+1866390182607/02/2021DeAnette L Rowbotham
Stole money on my card
Jeffery Todd Foxwell of Cambridge, Maryland is a child predator. He stalks innocent victims on social media and the dark web and won't give up. His wife Sallie works for City of Cambridge, Maryland and this is how Jeffery gets away with it. Contact FBI immediately after reading this!
+1844996633506/28/2021Maxine Hayfire
Scam p*rn agency that abuses people who sign up
Royal bank
Is this a scam number
FAKE bank call....not Royal Bank at all.
This David person called MY FRIEND WHO LIVES IN A DIFFERENT TOWN!!!! It was about a car rental so I contacted the company I rent from and they said this was a scam!!!!
+706219125506/10/2021Barbara Nalley
They left message but I couldn't understand them. Who is this?
+1800450923606/04/2021nancy kockenmeister
Person Patrick AOL said he could not extract my old aol emails...*fixed* my computer??? Paid $149 + $80 plan BUT is he a fraud??
FRAUD. Pretending to be the CA SOS and demanding payment for a California certificate of status.
+303771663405/25/2021Renee Dupont
I called this number accidentally--the prefix should have been 888 rather than 800. The person on the other end attempted to get a great deal of information from me concerning a credit card. I think they could be involved in identity theft.
Keeps trying to call me and using my phone number to enter my social media accounts even though I'm from a country so far from U.S.
Scammer claims to be from Geek Squad (Best Buys)
Il s'agit d'un escrow qui a créé un site sur Alibaba.com et sur internet du nom de Super Royal transporting il ta fait croire qu il importera ta voiture de dubaï Belgique ou encore état unis pour te nuire il m'a pris 9000 euros , je n'est jamais au ma voiture, il fait de faut papier et v8te fait faire des virement sur money gramme ect faitent attention des plaintes sont partis aux etat unis en france et Dubai
+1727998587204/11/2021Ibrahim Bashir
I received whatsapp messages containig harassing. between the dates 20 mar 2021 and 3 apr 2021. I need more information about the user of this number.
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