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Nowadays, fraud on the phone is becoming more frequent, every day fraudsters come up with new ways by which they can deceive you! Do you have missed calls from an unknown phone number, or do you not know who called you? Our site will help you find out information about the phone number, you can also read real reviews from people who are published only after moderation. If you have information about the caller, please leave a comment, you can help many people to protect themselves from fraudsters!
We want to minimize the number of successful fraudulent calls by distributing information about the types of fraud and phone numbers from which they call. Come to our club, share information and together we will reduce the number of phone scams!

Recent comments:

+916224175809/12/2019Edward Swanson
Threatened damage to property and was very aggressive. It is all BS.
spam social security office spam
+505553935209/09/2019Shannon Tucker
Called for hacked social security ###
+1800836993909/09/2019Chubby Panda
Pretending to be the Chinese branch of Bank of America
+800225790109-09-2019Ken Lo
Already trying to call me twice, I didn’t pick up the phone, but want to know where’s calling and why they call me.
+1800350135909/06/2019ChihFang Chu
This phone number is a scammers.
+1800297820009/05/2019Ann Aguilera
Voicemail told me that my Social Security number was suspended.
+1800755496309/04/2019ChihFang Chu
Calling saying that my social security number is going to be blocked permanently. They call me 4 times a day and this is one of a myriad of numbers they call from. It's a scam.
Said that he was with Quickbooks and needed updated Credit Card infor for our subscription. He could not even verify what version we have and gave me this number to call back. I knew it was a scam but I called back and just elevator music plays and no one ever answers
Scammer Pretending to be Social Security Admin
+833040686131-08-2019Sarah de la Garza
they claim they are the social security administration and k94qrthat your social security number is being suspended and an arrest warrant issued for you to get you to press 1 to connect
This is a social security scam threatening to “block” your social security number
imposters FPL
Foreign language - Cantonese or Mandarin (I don't know the difference). Promptly hung up.
+1800432737008/28/2019Jack W.
Scam call selling medical alert equipment to wear around your neck.
FRAUD - they are claiming to be from the Social Security Administration, but they are scammers. The SSA does not call people to inform them of identity theft. IGNORE.
Saying I have a parcel from DHL. Need to pick it up. hahahah, Scam for sure.
+1800871452908/26/2019Good Samaritab
Fraud call
Someone called saying there is legal action against my SSN number.
+301538393608/22/2019Michael Spigler
Fake social security scammer
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