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Nowadays, fraud on the phone is becoming more frequent, every day fraudsters come up with new ways by which they can deceive you! Do you have missed calls from an unknown phone number, or do you not know who called you? Our site will help you find out information about the phone number, you can also read real reviews from people who are published only after moderation. If you have information about the caller, please leave a comment, you can help many people to protect themselves from fraudsters!
We want to minimize the number of successful fraudulent calls by distributing information about the types of fraud and phone numbers from which they call. Come to our club, share information and together we will reduce the number of phone scams!

Recent comments:

+1800786687310/09/2020Alexander Cords
Called wanting my ssid, using my recruiters name
+1800265516410/09/2020Ashleigh North
I got a call saying that there is a warrant for my arrest and I am only 12 years old
This number has called me 28 times in 1 hour. And they even called my daughter which has nothing to do with this .
Scammers trying to repair your computer. DO NOT CALL THEM. DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY, CREDIT CARD NUMBERS, ETC.
Amazon support
Very good Networking services for routers, extenders & other smart home devices.
+1800962977910/03/2020Cheryl Weinthal
This woman called me, identified herself as Amazon and said they were seeing suspicious activity in the amount of $120 (US Dollars). I have checked my Amazon account and there is no such activity reported.
asking for my social insurance number.
i get calls daily...they claim to be calling from CRA
+1800349513810/01/2020Christine Barrette
Pretty sure this was spam phone call. Potentially targets new customers when they sign up for xfinity. Highly recommend not giving any information to these scammers.
Robo call said I have some suspicious activities with my social. Whatever that means. Said to oress one to speak to an officer. Scam. Fraudster. Press my ass
+1250597250209/29/2020Diana Toutant
live in Canada and called said my social security card was shut down and we don't have them in Canada
+1800708114009/29/2020Jaden Le
They called pretending to be Legal Enforcement of Canada Revenue Agency and threatened you about the fraud regarding your SIN number. If you press 1 and talk to them, you may face a risk of personal information disclosure and legal trouble in case of revealing your SIN.
This number seems fraudulent. It belongs to some bank frauds. I need more information about this number. Kindly help me out.
+1641001967109/27/2020Suman dwivedi
This number is for covid testing
+514240419109/24/2020Martin Borduas
False Service canada ( Revenu ) social number compromise or suspended ...
claims to be medical alert service collection of debt
They say they are from Security Canada and that my SIN may have been compromised (voice mess) and to dial 1. Don't do it , it is a scam to get your SIN.
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